Great for those announcements you know you will need to make. Our Feathers are additional services that are not always part of a specific package, and may be just right for what you need without going up a package or two to a more expensive option. Or maybe you just need something to start your funding for publication. We are thrilled to help you with all of this. We love books!

If you want us to adapt cover design for web graphics, you tell us the dimensions you need.

With a bit more work we can adapt our cover designs for:

  • Audiobook format adapted from our design
  • Bookmarks
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Facebook Banner
  • Google Plus banner
  • Youtube Banner
  • Twitter Banner
  • And any other web or print need

For these feathers we charge only $29 – $149 each, depending on the work involved.

If you want us to adapt someone else’s cover design forĀ  an audio book or other print collateral, the cost will be any stock image cost plus $200 – $350.

Some bookmarks we have created.


If there is something you would like, that we have not yet thought of, please contact us.


Can I change my mind?


The answer is Yes, Final Answer. If you bought a less expensive package and your needs change, probably because you book is selling so well. We are excited for you and would be happy to expand your cover into a print book, make an audio version or just create some book marks for you to give away at your next signing. This is what we live for!