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All About Corvid Design

So much work goes into writing a book, to making your story powerful. So now that you have done all that work, let our team at Corvid Design put a compelling book cover design on your book.

Both avid readers, the Corvid Design team is dedicated to getting great looking books on the shelves of the bookstores and online resources that they visit regularly. In these book stores, when she sees a book cover that is just not good, Moira turns to Duncan and tells him it is his fault. His fault for not doing more covers. So finally he got tired of hearing that - ya think?

Our goal is to change the face of books from small, independent and self publishers. We want to make your books better looking and better selling. Yes, we do judge books by their covers.

You can contact us by email at corvids@corviddesign.com. That really is the best way. We answer Monday through Friday, but do take holidays when they happen.

Duncan Eagleson

Duncan Eagleson
A freelance artist most of his adult life, Duncan primarily works in illustration, and graphic design - from book covers to corporate ID, brochures and billboards, t-shirts and web design, comics and animation. He also works in 3-D with leather masks and sculptures. Duncan is the current Art director for Pink Narcissus Press, Necon Ebooks, and Corvid Design. You can see more of his art and illustration at ArtStation, DeviantArt, or at his own website, Duncan Eagleson. He is also one of the authors for The Age of Invention Steampunk series. Corvid Design was pleased to produce the art and cover for the first (Fire Aloft) and second books in the series.

Duncan is the cover artist for all new work.

Moira Ashleigh

Moira Ashleigh (she, her)
A 30 year veteran graphic designer, artist and usability consultant with strong skills in graphic, and user-interface design; Moira is also a photographer, who specializes in nature photography, and a poet. She has a Masters degree from Emerson College in Theater. Her webdesign company is at SolsticeSun Design, Moira specializes in WordPress websites and occasionally contracts for UI with Database Designs and other companies.

Moira is the current Managing Partner of Corvid Design.

We are located in New York State, USA, but since we do everything electronically, that doesn’t matter much, does it?

How our process works:

Commercial artists and photographers make their living by selling the rights to use their works. What you are purchasing here is the right to reproduce these designs as a book cover. You may use the images in advertising and marketing your book. No other transfer of rights is involved - which means to use these designs as, say, posters, CD covers, or for other purposes you would need to make arrangements with us to do so.

Once you purchase one of our premade designs, we will mark it sold, and will not resell that design to anyone else.

Non-exclusive use is how we keep the prices reasonable for you. Please be aware that in the case of One Crow designs, we have purchased the rights to use stock photography and illustrations on these cover designs. Though we have made adaptations to the original images, and each of our final designs is unique, we have not purchased exclusive rights to these images, and it is possible you could see the same basic photograph or illustration (without our adaptations and type designs) elsewhere - in an advertisement, on a brochure, or possibly even on another book cover. We are happy to negotiate exclusive book cover rights, if they are available for an image.

For Three Crows and above, you will be purchasing book cover rights to custom photomanipulations or illustrations which are created by us, and you are purchasing exclusive book cover use. Though stock photographs may be incorporated, the final images will be unique productions of Corvid Design, and you will not see these final images on any other book covers.

Why Crows?

Well that is a long story ...that we may someday share...