Mainstream & Non-fiction ReadyMade Book Covers

Premade One Crow book cover designs for mainstream fiction and nonfiction. Make a statement with your nonfiction book, and let us help you sell it with a great looking book cover design.

Note: The titles and author names you’ll see below are entirely fictitious – placeholders which will be replaced with your title and author name when you purchase a design.

We are absolutely happy if you choose to use the fictitious title we created. All covers are made in America by American artists. All cover art is licensed, No AI is used.

ReadyMade for E-Book only $75

How to Order

Simply send us an email with the selected title of your choice and your information – author name and title.  We will send you a Paypal link. Once the payment is made we will add your title and name to the design and then send you the high resolution version for your E-book with any attribution information for your indicia.
Each book cover design is unique and only for sale to one person or small publisher, and the cost for One Crow Premade Ebooks is only $149.

Yes we can and will adapt a premade book cover for Print, read the information on the Intro Page on how to do just that