Custom Book Cover Design

Our Custom Book Cover Design Packages

We know how much work you have done to write your book. Our art director is also a writer. We know the sacrifices you have made to finish it, and then to edit it. We know the sleepless nights you have endured to make your story powerful.

Now to get your story out in the world you do need a great book cover design.  Humans are a very visual. The book cover is often the first factor to bring a new reader to your book.

Let our team at Corvid Design help you put a compelling book cover design on your book. All covers are made in America by American artists. All cover art is licensed.

Three Crows Book Cover Design Package

Three Crows book cover package offers you a custom photo manipulation, and custom type design with a plain back cover for both Print & Ebook versions. Plus a web graphic for social media like: Facebook, Twitter or your WordPress blog.

This package includes 2 sketches, 1 final revision  at the cost of $389.

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Raven Book Cover Design Package

With the Raven book cover package you will get a custom photo manipulation, wraparound or pictorial elements from front used on back, with custom type design, for both Print & Ebook, plus web graphics, with 2 sketches, and 2 full revisions.

The cost for the Raven book cover design package is $565. And Yes we do also create DVD covers.

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Murder Book Cover Design Package

(a group of crows is called a Murder)

You did a lot of work writing to complete your book, then you spent a bunch of time working through all that editing. Your book cover deserves a custom painting specifically tailored to the story or information.

In the Murder book cover package, you get a custom painted illustration for the front cover, tailored to your book, with a plain back cover and custom type design. This is for both Print & Ebook with 2 sketches and 2 revisions plus web graphics for $725.

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Conspiracy Book Cover Design Package

(a group of ravens is called a Conspiracy)

And you need a Conspiracy book cover package, when you want us to read your book, and create a  custom painted illustration from that book, with a wraparound design or front elements repeated on back, plus bookmarks, and web graphics with 3 sketches and 3 revisions all for  $949.

You deserve the Conspiracy level of book cover service, after all the work you have done to make this book something everyone will want to read. WE want you to have the best service available, and we think that is our team.

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Additional Feathers

Our Feathers are additional services that are not always part of a specific package, and may be just right for what you need without going up a package or two to a more expensive option. Or maybe you just need something to start your funding for publication. We are thrilled to help you with all of this. We love books!

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How to Order Custom Book Cover Design

Send us an email with the synopsis of your book, or the book to read and your information – author name and title, the level of book cover package, and what service you are publishing with (Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords, etc). We will send you a paypal link for the deposit.

Once your custom book cover design is complete, we will send you a paypal link for the remainder of the cost.

After the payment is made we will send to you the high resolution version.

Each Custom Book Cover Design is unique and only for sale to one individual or publisher.


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