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Who is Corvid Design

Corvid Design is a full service shop, offering book cover designs in everything from premade ebook covers to full scale custom illustration and typography for the most lavishly produced hardcover, and everything in between. We specialize in small press and self publishers, who have powerful stories to share.

All covers are made by American artists. All cover art is licensed. We are non-judgemental, non-discriminatory artists. Contact us at

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Corvid Design Custom tailored

Three Crow and More by Corvid Design
Three Crow and More by Corvid Design

You worked hard to create this book. And you deserve a look and feel that truly reflects the work you put in.

We want your book cover to tell as great a story as its contents. We suggest you choose one of our three top end packages: Raven, Murder, or Conspiracy.

Drop us a line, we can create a great book cover design for any subject matter. We will do research to get the correct time period, we will listen to your thoughts, and we will offer advice where you need it.

And yes we would love to read your book as part of the process to create your custom book cover.

If you have questions about your specific project, feel free to contact us at

Take a look at our Custom Book Cover Design Packages.

One and Two Crows Book cover design
One and Two Crows by Corvid Design

Corvid Design Fast & Economical ReadyMade

You just need a good book cover. You want it as soon as possible and you want it to look great. Well we can do that. With our premade book cover designs, in One Crow and Two Crows, you are well on your way to having a great look for you book.

Currently on sale starting at $75 for E-Books. We do not use AI.

Plus we can always make add-ons later with our Feathers additional services.

We create book covers because we love books. So why not go for it?

Remember we never use the same design twice on a book cover. Contact Corvid Design


Change the Title, Tagline and Author – As quick as that!
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Duncan took some vague ideas I had and turned them into a perfect representation of the series. His design of the title character in particular is perfect. I’m looking forward to working with him on future projects.
A. E. Howe, author of the Baron Blasko Mysteries series

Corvid Design has over 250 premade book cover designs. With more uploaded every week, go to One Crow or Two Crows to see the current available book covers. Or contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

You can check out some examples of custom book covers on Three Crows, Raven, Murder, and Conspiracy.

John Hunt Illustration – Corvid Design Book Covers Available

We will change the Title and Author to match your needs. John is an amazing artist and friend and we are thrilled to offer our typography with his art for reasonable prices.

The Corvid Design team continues to look for artists to match the quality of your stories. We want to make sure that the book cover designs, from Corvid Design, will enchant and inspire your readers.

The team is very pleased to have signed artist John Hunt, of Hunt Illustration, for Corvid Design. Take a look at what we have available in premade book cover designs in Two Crows.

His work is also available for print books. Just drop us a line.