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In Cover Stories you will read about who we know, how we do things and what we think about the book cover design industry. Follow us on Social media to know when the latest blog post happens.

We read a lot – yes we do. We go to book stores or book stores online every couple days. The living room and offices are full of books, as are our tablets. We also read quite a bit about publishing. We both write. Duncan has a novel published DarkWalker:Tales of the Urban Shaman and stories in several anthologies. Moira writes poetry, ritual and a little flash fiction.

We want to share some information and some of our opinions about the book cover industry,  We have a list of authors we have worked with, who plan to interview. We want you to get to know them and support them, because they are really interesting.

Feel free to share this blog.  Books are our passion.

Holiday Greetings from Corvid Design

Corvid Design wishes one and all a festive holiday season, and a happy new year. May your holidays be blessed with unexpected gifts. We look forward to working with you to create amazing visual doorways for your writing in the coming year. Moira & Duncan, the Corvid Design Team

Cover Stories Interview: Artist and Author Duncan Eagleson

The managing partner, that is myself Moira Ashleigh, often has a say in questions for the interviews on Corvid design, but the art director usually leads the interviews. This time the questions came only from the managing partner to the art director, Duncan Eagleson. Simpler questions with more complex answers. Enjoy! Duncan Eagleson, Corvid Design’s … Read more

Cover Stories Author Interview: Dan Foley

It seems self evident that anyone who calls their business “Corvid” must have a thing about crows and ravens.  So naturally, when I discovered one of the small presses I art direct for (Necon Ebooks) had a book in their catalog titled The Whispers of Crows, I had to check it out.  Obsession has it’s … Read more

Magic in the Bayou: Evolution of a Cover

Step by step through Design and Painting: Wolf’s Tale   “There’s power in your blood, boy, but that ain’t enough. Not for the things in that bayou.” Returning to his hometown after a stint in the Navy, Melvin “Wolf” Lobo never expected to have to become apprenticed to a sorcerer just to stay alive.  But … Read more

Cover Stories Author Interview: Ash Krafton

20+ Questions:  Ash Krafton I first encountered Ash Krafton on, which is pretty much what it sounds like – a site that provides a great resource for authors querying agents and publishers to keep track their various queries and exchange information about agents, publishers and markets.  As we were both interested in Urban Fantasy, … Read more

10 Things to know when hiring a book cover designer

For self publishers: 10 Things to know when hiring a book cover designer   So you’ve revised and edited your book, listened to your beta reader’s feedback, hired a freelance editor to help you polish it up, done a copy-edit pass to make sure each comma is in place and every word is spelled correctly, … Read more

Cover Stories Author Interview: Richard Levesque

20 Questions: Richard Levesque   I first encountered Richard Levesque when my friend Steven Jay Cohen, who narrates audio books, mentioned a client of his was looking for a cover designer.  Richard Levesque was reissuing Take Back Tomorrow, and wanted a new cover for it.  As I always prefer to do, I read the book … Read more

Cover Design: The Right Look for Your Book

The Right Look for Your Book   There are probably a near infinite number of possible ways to design a book cover, but the basic sorts of approaches fortunately boil down to a few.  At one end of the spectrum is a purely graphic and type oriented design, at the other a photo or illustration … Read more

Cover Design: Decapitation Blues

Enough with the Queen of Hearts routine… I’m so tired of the beheadings. Book covers these days, particularly in certain genres, have become like the French bloody Revolution. Everywhere I look, there seem to be pathetic bodies splayed across covers, their heads severed by the slice of a printer’s trimming machine, and cast off into … Read more