Two Crows

For more a more unique quality book cover design, we suggest you choose Two Crows for your book. We have fully customized these book cover designs to make your book stand out on the shelf or the page!

There are two categories of Two Crows, Illustration/Paintings and Photomanipulations.

In our illustration section we are featuring works by both Duncan Eagleson and John Hunt. All covers are made in America by American artists. All cover art is licensed.

About the Book Cover Titles, Subtitles, Author Name

The titles and author names you’ll see below are entirely fictitious.

When you purchase a book cover design, they will be replaced with your title and author name (in the style and fonts shown) .

You can also keep the title we chose, we are cool with that.

A sample of one book with different titles and author names

Here is an  example of the same book with different titles and author names. We can also add a tag line, a recommendation, a series title or an award. No Problem!

Pre-made Two Crows Illustrations and Paintings

Pre-made Two Crows Photomanipulations

How to Order

If you find a design in the pre-made section that perfectly fits your book, let us know before someone else grabs it. We will not use a book cover design more than once. Simply send us an email with the title of your choice and your information – author name and title.  We will send you a paypal link.

Once the payment is made we will add your title and name to the book cover design and then send you the high resolution version for your Ebook with any indicia information.

Each Two Crows cover is unique and only for sale to one person or small publisher.

  • A  pre-made Illustation/Painting and type design $269.
  • A premade Photo-manipulation and type design:  $199.

Or if you really love one of our pre-made covers and want to use it for print , or even just for print, we will be happy to rework the size and create the spine and back cover for a small extra charge. Just drop us a line.

Can I change my mind and publish a print version with a premade book cover?


Premade book covers are designed as front cover only ebook covers, but we always work in print quality.   There are two paths to upgrading an ebook only cover for print:

Plain back.  This gives you a plain colored back cover with no graphics, as in the example below.  Additional cost: $100.

Illustrated back:  part of the front cover repeated on the back as a graphic.  Additional cost: $175.


Print Version with plain back book cover Print Version with plain back book cover

Print Version with designed back book cover Print Version with designed back book cover